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Speech "Bring Your Business to New Heights of Success"

Recently I provided a speech at the Citizen Circle Conference in Malaysia. Watch the recording of my speech:

  • Discover my method for developing a crystal-clear vision for your business
  • Access the powerful mental state that lets you resolve fears and step into your power
  • Learn a powerful strategy for maximizing your results and improve your discipline


Click here to watch the full recording of my speech


FREE Chapter: From Fear To Courage Book

We’re all on a certain path in life. But are you determining its direction?

Sometimes, life can feel like it's happening to us. We are pushed by external events, by economic developments and friends and family, by circumstances we feel we cannot control.

How do you go from worry, doubt, and fear to courage and confidence? One way is to look to others to understand how they have paved their own path.

That’s the idea behind my upcoming book "From Fear to Courage: 15 Insights to Achieve Your Dreams". This book will be available in May 2021. Not only will you gain great insights to achieve your biggest dreams, but all proceeds from your Amazon purchase go to non-profit organisations in Bali to help provide education for at-risk children so that they might also achieve their dreams in life.

Sebastian Kuehn is one of the authors. Sebastian a renowned author who inspires and helps thousands of people to build meaningful online businesses.

Sebastian is now a successful entrepreneur, blogger, and storyteller. But once, Sebastian also felt he needed more clarity and confidence. Click here and get inspired by his story.


Sebastian Kuehn - How to move from fear to courage | Obed Abbo Podcast

In this podcast, Sebastian Kuehn and I explore How to Move from Fear To Courage and find the clarity to pursue our real passions. The key is to find your “why.”

Here’s Sebastian’s “why”:
“When I look back at ten years ago and I see myself ten years ago… I was a happy person, but I didn’t really question what was going on in my life. My world ten years ago was very much more limited than it is now. Today, I can see all these opportunities, I met all these amazing people, I can imagine achieving anything I want.

It was a long process for the last ten years and my ‘why’ is to tell my story and by telling my story, to inspire other people to do the same. To open up a window of opportunities and follow them.”

Last year, I invited a group of individuals, including Sebastian Kuehn, to write a very special book called "From Fear to Courage: 15 Insights to Achieve Your Dreams".

It’s time to conquer your fears and achieve your dream business. With a little inspiration, we can all move from fear to courage and find the clarity to succeed. Click here for my interview with Sebastian Kuehn.


How to Work Smarter for Maximum Positive Impact in the World

While coaching hundreds of people and participating in several professional development courses, I have discovered many powerful strategies for improving your discipline and maximizing your results so that you can achieve your dream business faster.

Click here and discover 11 powerful strategies to make you unstoppable.


Speech "The importance of defining your cause" by Pekka J. Mattila
My client Pekka J. Mattila was so kind to share a 20-minute speech "The importance of defining your cause" during one of my workshops in 2020. Pekka J. Mattila is one of the top business trainers in Finland. And his speech still inspires me today.
Watch the recording of Pekka's speech "The importance of defining your cause" and learn:
  • How Pekka found his heart's desire and learned to trust his intuition
  • Why it is important to define your cause for any project you are working on
  • How Pekka set up an online course that helped many people complete and promote their e-books
  • How Pekka set up the Digital University: an online membership program that helps hundreds of purpose-driven entrepreneurs to achieve their businesses. In 2019 Pekka generated 500.000 euros with this program and this program is still going strong today.


Please note that money is not the main thing here. But it is fascinating to see what happens if we allow ourselves to combine passion, purpose, and profit altogether. Plus, the revenues Pekka generated with the Digital University allowed him to finance other innovations that will help create positive change in the Finnish business culture...You can watch Pekka's speech "The importance of defining your cause" here. This is completely free.
To learn even more about Pekka's incredible entrepreneurial journey, I encourage you to purchase our upcoming book From Fear to Courage: 15 Insights to Achieve Your Dreams. We will publish this book in May 2021.


5 Reasons to Start Your Dream Business Today

Is it hard for you to start your dream business? Are you scared to fail? I have been in that place and have powerful insights to share on how to overcome fear and start your dream business today. Click here for the article.


How Helping Others is Related to Helping Yourself

Do you want to help create a better world, but do you experience fears and self-doubt? Read my article and learn how you can succeed.

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