FREE Chapter: From Fear To Courage

We’re all on a certain path in life. But are you determining its direction? Sometimes, life can feel like it’s happening to us. We are pushed by external events, by economic developments and friends and family, by circumstances we feel we cannot control. How do you go from worry, doubt,…read more

Recording Courage Book Summit

How do you move from fear to courage and achieve your biggest dreams? Do you have a support network? What is holding you back from fulfilling your dreams? The answer is, there is no one simple answer. It’s a process that each of us must encounter within the circumstances of…read more

Jeremy Roske – How to overcome adversities

I am very happy to interview Jeremy Roske about his thoughts on our book “From Fear to Courage: 15 Insights to Achieve Your Dreams”. Jeremy is a singer and a coach who helps people actualize their full potential and their creative genius. When Jeremy was 16 years old, he got hit…read more

Article: 5 Reasons to Start Your Dream Business Today

Is it hard for you to start your dream business? Are you scared to fail? I have been in that place and have experienced useful strategies to ignite my passions, overcome obstacles, and start my dream business. These insights have also proven to be very helpful for my clients. You…read more

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