Fears can block us in many ways. By doubting our dreams or our capacities, we can get stuck. As a result, we can feel confused, frustrated or sad.

I have found that the best way to resolve our doubts is to face our fears and then go through them.

That’s the idea behind my new podcast with Sebastian Kuehn, the founder of Wireless Life and the co-founder of Citizen Circle. He’s a renowned author who inspires and helps thousands of people to build meaningful online businesses.

In this podcast, Sebastian and I explore How to Move from Fear To Courage and find the clarity to pursue our real passions. The key is to find your “why.” 

Here’s Sebastian’s “why”:

“With Wireless Life and the Citizen Circle, I now earn my living as an author, entrepreneur and pioneer for people who also want a life with more self-determination and less force.

With my work, I want to shake up, encourage and empower. To find your own way and then to follow it. The following values are the foundation for this vision: Self-determination, integrity, sense, and adventure.”

It has been inspiring to see Sebastian achieve his dreams in the past five years. 

And now it’s time for you to conquer your dream. With a little inspiration, we can all move from fear to courage and find the clarity to succeed.