Daniela Urban

Graphic Designer & Branding Expert

A few years ago, Daniela Urban doubted if she wanted to continue with her career as a graphic designer and considered quitting everything. In this video, Daniela explains how limiting beliefs and fears were holding her back from her deepest heart desire.

Watch this video and learn how Daniela overcame her challenges, rediscovered her passion, found meaning in her work, and doubled her revenues while travelling the world. Her energy and focus is inspiring!

Sebastian Kuehn

Founder Wireless Life & Co-Founder Citizen Circle

Today, Sebastian Kuehn is a successful entrepreneur, blogger, and storyteller. But several years ago, Sebastian was experiencing fears and limiting beliefs regarding his dream business. He felt the need for more clarity and confidence. 

Watch the video below and learn how Sebastian overcame his challenges so that he could help thousands of purpose-driven entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams.

Note: Sebastian Kuehn has also written a chapter in our book “From Fear to Courage: 15 Insights to Achieve Your Dreams”. You can read his free chapter here.

Tim Chimoy

Co-founder Citizen Circle

Tim Chimoy, the co-founder of the popular Citizen Circle Community, notices that several Citizen Circle Members are jumping from one idea to the next, without making any real progress. As a result, his fellow members become demotivated and feel powerless. In this video, Tim shares how my workshops help entrepreneurs focus and gain inspiration on how to achieve their meaningful goals.

Grace Grace

Self-Leader Coach

For the last 15 years, Grace has worked as a Self-Leadership Coach with entrepreneurs, expats, and startups. 

Although Grace has a tremendous amount of experience as a coach and entrepreneur, she recently discovered some of her unique talents which helped her tremendously in developing her new projects. Learn more about her experiences in this video.

Birgit Arnold

Business Coach

Birgit has been involved in building up companies of all kinds. As part of her work as an independent executive vice president, she has set up and managed an association for energy services. 

Since 2019, Birgit is focused on helping other entrepreneurs build up their businesses. In this video, Birgit shares how my Breakthrough Year Program has helped her achieve her goals.

Klaus Bell

Founder at Bell-Software

If we want to go for our dream business, our comfort zone must be disturbed. How to get clarity on your dream business? And how to resolve any fears that arise?

As the founder of a software company, Klaus Bell shares his experiences on how he gained clarity on his dream business and developed a long-term vision.

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