Achieve Your Dream Business & Transform Your Life.

The COVID-19 crisis has affected societies and economies around the globe and will permanently reshape our world as it continues to unfold. Many challenges and opportunities are arising simultaneously.

My Online Breakthrough Year Program is a tailor-made Coaching Program for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to seize opportunities and provide better service to their clients. During bi-weekly Online Private Coaching Sessions with me, you will receive proven tools and tailored strategies so that you can bring your business to new heights of success.

As part of the Breakthrough Year Program, you’ll also gain access to Online Breakthrough Group Workshops with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Go on this journey together and create the results you deserve!

Just imagine: What would be possible if you feel unstoppable? My Breakthrough Year Program is aimed to help you: 

  • Gain a crystal-clear vision for your dream business
  • More positive energy, increased mental power while tapping into the intrinsic motivation to make things happen
  • Build more confidence in yourself and develop the courage to really go for it
  • Significantly improve your business goals and strategies
  • Keep the bigger picture in focus, staying on track without being overwhelmed
  • Gain valuable feedback from other purpose-driven entrepreneurs
  • Create friendships and possibly even create business partnerships for life
  • Achieve your business goals faster and with more ease

"I feel privileged to have done the Breakthrough Year Program with Obed.

Obed has led me to a deeper understanding of who I am, my mission in life, and how I can implement big positive changes into my meaningful businesses. As a result, I feel more alive, energized and fulfilled.

Thank you, Obed, for all the help that you have given me. Your support is priceless."

Pekka J. Mattila
Digital University


Gain lifetime access to the exclusive Breakthrough Circle Community and twelve 90-minute Breakthrough Group Workshops with me. My group workshops are aimed to help you:

  • Fine-tune your personal and business goals and strategies
  • Optimize your ‘inner game’ and blast through confidence and self-sabotaging behaviours that are blocking you from achieving your dream business
  • Develop a champion’s mindset to improve your discipline and maximize results


Entrepreneurs who are thinking to start a new business all the way to entrepreneurs with established enterprises can benefit from my Breakthrough Year Program.

You must be willing to reach your full potential and be driven to create positive change. Also, you are committed to showing up in the sessions and you are extremely motivated to make your business dreams a reality.


With the Online Breakthrough Year Program, you’ll receive:

  • 24x 1-hour Online Private Coaching Sessions (twice per month)
  • Lifetime access to the exclusive Breakthrough Circle Community
  • Twelve 90-minute Online Breakthrough Group Workshops (once per month)


The registration for the Breakthrough Year Program ends when all the spots have been filled.

“Before I met Obed, I didn’t have clarity for my business and several limiting beliefs were holding me back to fulfil my full potential.

I committed to Obed’s Breakthrough Year Program and now I am getting great results: I gained clarity on my vision for my business, resolved my limiting beliefs, attracted my ideal clients, doubled my revenues and gained the freedom to work location independently. It feels great to do what I love while travelling the world.

During the sessions, Obed is always very kind and respectful. He really listens and offers great support while I go through the ups and downs of bringing my business to the next level.

Today, I feel motivated, uplifted, and energized to overcome my challenges and achieve my biggest goals. Thank you, Obed."


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Free Discovery Call

If you are interested in joining my Breakthrough Year Program, I encourage you to book a free Discovery Call with me.

During this call, we can get to know each other better and find out together if my Coaching Service is a good fit for you. I can also answer any questions you might have.

I am looking forward to meeting you.