Maximize Your Potential and Achieve Your Business Dreams

During these challenging times, staying true to our business dreams is essential. The world needs our dreams and talents. Now more than ever.

As an entrepreneur, you want to positively impact the world while achieving financial success. My 6-month Online Breakthrough Journey Program is a great solution – it provides guidance on both fronts to make your business vision a reality.

During this tailormade Online Business Coaching Program, you can participate in regular one-on-one coaching sessions with me and group sessions with like-minded entrepreneurs. Go on a journey together and succeed!

Just imagine: What would be possible if you would feel unstoppable? The Online Breakthrough Journey Program is aimed to help you: 

  • Gain a crystal-clear vision for your dream business
  • More positive energy, and increased mental power while tapping into the intrinsic motivation to make things happen
  • Build more confidence in yourself and develop the courage to really go for it
  • Significantly improve your strategies
  • Learn how to successfully leverage Artificial intelligence in your organization
  • Keep the bigger picture in focus, staying on track without being overwhelmed
  • Gain valuable feedback from other purpose-driven entrepreneurs
  • Create friendships and possibly even create business partnerships for life
  • Achieve your business goals faster and with more ease

During the Online Breakthrough Journey Program, you'll:

Gain 100% clarity and confidence in your business vision.

Greatly improve your business strategies.

Embrace a positive mindset.

Bring your dream business to new heights of success.


"Obed is an inspiring Business Coach who helped me follow my passions, set powerful goals, resolve fears, and master my strengths. As a result, I was enabled to achieve my business dreams."

Sebastian Kuehn
Founder Wireless Life
Co-Founder Citizen Circle

"Obed is very gifted. He sees who you are and what you are here to express in the world."

Grace Grace
Self-Leader Coach

"I feel privileged to have done the Breakthrough Journey Program with Obed. He has led me to a deeper understanding of who I am, my mission in life, and how I can implement significant positive changes in my businesses.

For example, I created the Digital University with my team. We were able to help hundreds of entrepreneurs maximize their potential and raised the standards for online Business Coaching in Finland. As a result, we generated 500.000 euros in revenue, and we reinvested most of that money for improving the quality as well as attracting even more participants.

The growth and success of this project are motivating me deeply. I feel more alive, energized and fulfilled. Thank you, Obed, for all the help that you have given me. Your support is priceless."

Pekka J. Mattila
Co-founder Digital University


With 18x Private 1-hour Online Coaching Sessions over a period of 6 months, you'll receive my dedicated support and custom strategies to suit your business. By working systematically, Integrating these strategies will unlock your potential so that you can boost your business results.


Gain lifetime access to the exclusive Breakthrough Circle Community and six 2-hour Online Breakthrough Group Workshops with me. My monthly group workshops are aimed at helping you:

  • Fine-tune your personal and business goals and strategies
  • Optimize your 'inner game' and blast through confidence and self-sabotaging behaviors that are blocking you from achieving your dream business
  • Develop a champion's mindset to improve your discipline and maximize results

The interactive group workshops offer valuable resources to help you reach your business goals – educational workbooks, inspiring content videos, and tangible worksheets with practical applications.

In addition, you'll connect with fellow entrepreneurs who are also passionately pursuing their business aspirations. Embark on an extraordinary 6-month journey towards success by connecting and exchanging ideas with these remarkable entrepreneurs worldwide.


Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Service Professionals thinking of starting a new business, all the way to entrepreneurs with established enterprises, can benefit from my Online Breakthrough Journey Program.

You must be willing to reach your full potential and ready to support your fellow entrepreneurs.
Get ready for an enriching learning experience!


"Thanks to the Breakthrough Journey Program, I rediscovered my passion for graphic design, attracted my dream clients, and doubled my revenues. I've grown a lot as an entrepreneur."

Daniela Urban

Graphic Designer & Branding Expert

"I love Obed's support. He guides me very well so I can stay in the happy part of running my business."

Birgit Arnold

Business Coach


Hundreds of purpose-driven entrepreneurs have joined my Coaching Programs, pushing their potential to the next level and gaining impressive business results. Discover their stories here.


My Breakthrough Journey Program only has limited spots. Once those are filled up, applicants will be placed on my waiting list.
Want to find out if the Breakthrough Year Program is a good fit for you? Schedule a complimentary Discovery call with me here.


With the Breakthrough Journey Program, you’ll receive:

  • 6-month Coaching Program
  • 18x 1-hour Online Private Coaching Sessions (3 times per month)
  • Lifetime access to the exclusive Breakthrough Circle Community
  • Six 2-hour Online Breakthrough Group Workshops (once per month)


If you are interested in joining the Breakthrough Journey Program, I encourage you to book a free 30-minute Discovery Call with me below.

During this call, we can get to know each other better and find out together if my Coaching Service is a good fit for you. I can also answer any questions you might have.

I am looking forward to meeting you.