Jeroen Reynders is a marketing consultant who helps entrepreneurs improve their marketing strategies while traveling the world.

As someone who juggles multiple things at a time, the mental stressors made it difficult for Jeroen to be content with his work. In this video, Jeroen talks about how he went from stressing out about having multiple things on his plate to feeling a clarity of purpose and fulfillment in his projects.


As the co-founder of Campwire and Digital University, Pekka Mattila has helped thousands of purpose-driven entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

Pekka participated twice in the Accountable Gamechanger Mastermind. And in the video below, he shares how he benefited from the program.


As a data and flow specialist, Steffi talks about how her career helps maximize her passions and strengths. Furthermore, she plans to situate among like-minded people for increased knowledge, exposure, and opportunities.



Linda Barron is a passionate entrepreneur with multiple inspiring projects. In this video, Linda talks about feeling empowered to create a plan of action uniquely tailored to her passions, experience, interests, and abilities.


Sebastian Borch is a passionate architect. Discover how the Clarity Group Workshop helped him clarify his thoughts regarding his dream business.


In Henriette’s speech "The Why Behind My Dream Business”, she shares how fears and anxiety were blocking her from becoming the best version of herself. And Henriette humbly shares how she has created her breakthroughs so far.


Amanda Jane is a successful businesswoman who, after self-discovery, decided to start helping others improve their lives.

In this video, Amanda Jane shares her experiences regarding Obed’s Breakthrough Journey Program.

More Testimonials

"Obed’s methodology is tremendously efficient. Working with Obed for several months with his Coaching Program was one of my best investments. Through careful, friendly, and authentic guidance, Obed’s helped to clarify what living a good life is to me and identify the resources I can leverage “on the go”. As a result of this work, every area of my life has drastically improved and still does. Thank you, Obed, for your generosity."


Founder & Senior JS Developer, Bluecraft

"I joined Obed's Breakthrough Journey Program because I wasn’t happy with my freelance business, although I was quite successful. After only six months of coaching, my vision is becoming clearer and clearer, and I have already started working in a different area. This just feels great.

I highly appreciate Obed’s coaching method. He goes deep at the right moments, his communication is always positive and appreciative, and most importantly, he challenges me and, when needed, pushes me out of my comfort zone. And as we all know, this is where great things happen, right? I am very grateful for Obed’s amazing and constant support."


Public Relations Expert

"Obed, I appreciate your deep commitment to helping people to create and live their dreams. Working with you in the Breakthrough Journey Program greatly supported me in getting clear and creating a path to follow my purpose."


Founder, Ahanah

"Joining the Accountable Gamechanger Mastermind gave me the connection and support that I needed. Working as a Solopreneur can be challenging but is made easier when you have a support group and a network of incredible people, and this is what I found here. Thanks, Obed."

"When I first met Obed in a one-on-one session I was really not sure what to expect, but I had him recommended by a special friend. I immediately felt a connection because of Obed’s openness. Joining his Breakthrough Journey Program is definitely one of my best decisions. Obed has created a safe place to work with whatever comes up, and the vulnerability that Obed allows me to show along the way is so powerful.

I feel inspired and uplifted from every session and in different ways. At the beginning of the program, I felt confused and insecure and had no direction in my life. This is a process and when I allowed myself to go on a journey, the magic started to happen. I feel so much more secure about where to go next and to pursue my real passion and purpose in life. I am starting to create my business, and I can tell it does not feel like a business when it comes from your heart.

I highly recommend Obed to anyone who wants to gain clarity in their personal life, build on an existing business, or start creating a new one. Give yourself the gift of expanding your professional life to a far greater purpose and passion-driven journey."


Yoga teacher & life coach

"Participating in the Coaching Program with Obed has been a great decision. When I started working with Obed, I felt really lost. I had knowledge and learnings, but I didn’t know how to share this knowledge with my clients. Thanks to Obed, I’m able to understand where my negative feelings come from, and I’m able to control those negative feelings.

What’s more, I have learned how to guide my clients through negative feelings and help them overcome their obstacles so that they can achieve their goals as well. Today, I feel confident in sharing my knowledge and wisdom with others. Thank you so much, Obed, for guiding me on this path."


Life Coach

"Obed has amazing energy and is a really good listener. I felt understood and motivated by his coaching. I gained a lot of clarity in becoming a coach myself, and my confidence grew each time I talked with him."


Life Coach & Actress

"Obed guided me through tough times and got me back on track. Obed is very kind, and I have received so many useful resources from him. He is very inspiring and helps his clients achieve their goals."


Founder, Fernarbeit

"I found Obed at a time of my life when I was really unhappy with my job & life situation. I wanted to change my career, step out of the rat race, move to another country, and wanted to achieve more freedom. I’ve already done a lot of research for opportunities and had some ideas in my mind, but somehow, I wasn’t able to make a final decision and put things into action.

I didn’t know the right path for me and didn’t have a real goal. During my coaching time with Obed, he helped me structure my thoughts, list all the possibilities, and to look deeper into myself to find clarity.

The most important thing for me was that he always encouraged me along the way so I could believe in myself more and really go for it. Obed is a very open-hearted, empathetic, and skilled person with much coaching experience. He has a great sense for people and supported me in making important life decisions. I am very grateful for this."


Retail Buyer, Tommy Hilfiger

"Obed’s Coaching Program is about taking the time to be introspective and honest with yourself. Obed creates a space where you feel free to explore yourself and look at things in a new way, I was surprised by just how much you can learn from and about yourself when you are given the opportunity to be heard.

Thank you, Obed for an experience I will remember, and for giving me the impetus, I needed to put my plans in motion."


M&E Consultant

"I have participated in a Coaching Program with Obed and found that he has an amazing natural skill of helping one to clarify their goals. Even though I have done several workshops this way, I have learned a lot from Obed. Through his structure of the program and the questions, he helped me identify some key areas I needed to focus on.

I developed a list of things I could do right away to get me in the direction of my goals, and through those actions, I made some real progress and made some breakthroughs with the ideas I got with this session. I highly recommend Obed’s sessions."


Executive Chef, The Legian Bali

"Thank you, Obed, for taking the energy and time to take me out of my routine and guide me to think about myself, my projects, my passions, and the meaning of what I do every day. His Coaching Program is about digging into the meaning of what you do, finding your roots again, drafting a plan of action with awareness, and learning how to use your strengths to make it happen.

This program is about why you do what you do and why you should do what you love. As a fundraiser, it helped me align my skills with my strengths."


Development Manager, Green School Bali

"The Coaching Program with Obed was amazing. Obed helped me to realize what I want to do in life as well as how I can overcome my obstacles."



"With Obed’s clear guidance and specific questions, he helped me to find my own answers. We worked towards a clear action plan that has helped me to gain valuable insights into my marketing process."



"I am more than skeptical about this sort of thing, having tried various forms of “assistance” in the past. I think the difference with Obed’s technique is that instead of pushing his own advice, he somehow pulls the answers out of you.

He helped me realign my goals with the original motive for starting this adventure, as, after all, it is so easy to get lost on the way, and he helps me put myself back on the path toward the goal. I’d recommend Obed’s Breakthrough Journey Program to anyone feeling a bit lost.

You never know what you might discover once Obed helps you sort through the noise!"


Owner Sotocle

"Before I joined the Breakthrough Journey Program, I wasn’t clear on my dream and felt scared to go for it. But thanks to Obed’s guidance, I gained clarity on my vision and action steps. During the Breakthrough Journey Program, I also overcame my fears, developed a strong mindset, and increased my discipline.

I finished this program three months ago, and I am still going strong thanks to the tools and strategies I learned during the program. I love this momentum, and I feel proud of my achievements. Thank you, Obed."


Marketing Officer & Yoga Teacher