During a recent workshop, my client Pekka J. Mattila was so kind to share a speech “The importance of defining your cause”. Pekka J. Mattila is one of the top business trainers in Finland. And his speech still inspires me today. Watch the recording of Pekka’s speech “The importance of defining your cause” and learn:

  • How Pekka found his heart’s desire and learned to trust his intuition
  • Why it is important to define your cause for any project you are working on
  • How Pekka set up an online course that helped many people complete and promote their e-books
  • How Pekka set up the Digital University: a high-end online course which helps hundreds of purpose-driven entrepreneurs to achieve their businesses. In 2019 Pekka generated 500.000 euros with this program and this program is still going strong today.

Please note that money is not the main thing here. But it is fascinating to see what happens if we allow ourselves to combine passion, purpose, and profit altogether. Plus, the revenues Pekka generated with the Digital University allowed him to finance other innovations that will help create positive change in the Finnish business culture.

Watch the speech