7 Strategies from Tony Robbins That Changed My Professional Life (And Can Change Yours Too)

Written by Obed Obbo

In 2014, I struggled with painful eyes and burnout. Seeking guidance from my life coach, Rick Pursell, he posed a question: "Your eyes are hurting. What is it that you don't want to see, Obed?" I fell silent and broke down in tears, realizing I was not truly happy. My job did not suit me, and I was not pursuing my passions as much as I wanted.

Fear held me back from pursuing my calling, leading to illness. Conversations with my mentor shifted my focus to solutions and opportunities. 

Through my conversations with Rick, I was also reminded of the powerful lessons I learned in 2011. That year, I joined a 4-day seminar from another Life & Business Coach: Tony Robbins, who had already helped 50 million people positively change their lives. 

According to Tony Robbins, our beliefs about ourselves and the world shape our reality. It's crucial to be mindful of these beliefs and believe in ourselves for success. However, it can be challenging to implement this mindset in practice. Limiting beliefs can arise. 

A lot of us have limiting beliefs. These beliefs often involve perceived limitations on our abilities or skills, leading us to believe we can't accomplish certain tasks.

By implementing the strategies I acquired from Tony Robbins, I overcame my limiting beliefs, leading to a profound revelation. I understood that I had learned enough to be of service to others. I remember that at age 21, I had already worked as a team leader & coach for a telemarketing team while completing my bachelor's degree in Marketing & Management.

I remember that at the age of 25 years, I had already worked in six different countries and gained valuable work and life experience.

I remember that at the age of 26, I was promoted to Senior Coach for Kalff Fundraising Company. By working as a team and showing massive support for each other, we raised millions of euros for non-profit organizations such as Greenpeace, UNICEF, and Amnesty International. My responsibilities included coaching the fundraisers as well as the other coaches. I learned so much at this Fundraising Company.

Photos: Together with thousands of other people, I attended

the "Unleash The Power Within" in Singapore.

I understood that my fears were blocking me from living my dream, so my eyesight shut down. Therefore, I changed my limiting belief into an empowering belief: "I am good enough to serve others. I will heal my eyes by working as a Business Coach, and I won't stop until I succeed."

I felt like I was a thousand meters tall and could embrace mountains.

I started providing workshops to people. And as I grew my Coaching Business, I kept implementing the effective strategies I learned from Tony Robbins (and other mentors).

Fast forward nine years, I successfully set up my Coaching Business and helped over 1400 entrepreneurs improve their lives through my Coaching Services. 

Tony Robbins’ strategies also supported me in my private life. I was privileged to stay in beautiful places in Indonesia, Australia, and Europe. I’ve met many inspiring people in these countries, which helped me stay positive and motivated toward achieving my dreams. 

Photo: Tony Robbins shares his teachings.

Valuable teachings

Do you also want to bring your life (and career) to the next level? Consider the following seven strategies I learned from Tony Robbins.

1. Ignite Your Passion 

Passion is a fundamental aspect of achieving our dreams and goals. The force drives us forward, fuels us with energy and enthusiasm, and empowers us to take massive action to turn our aspirations into reality. Without passion, we may lack the motivation and drive to overcome the inevitable obstacles and setbacks of pursuing our dreams. We can reach our full potential through passion and create our desired life. Cultivating and nurturing our passions is critical to achieving our goals and living a fulfilling life.

2. Proximity is power

Another piece of wisdom that I learned from Tony Robbins is that proximity is power. The people you surround yourself with will influence the results you achieve. Therefore, it is essential to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your values and goals. Start networking with successful people in your industry and learn from their experiences, which will help you gain new insights and grow your business.

3. Resourcefulness

Tony Robbins emphasizes the importance of being resourceful in achieving your goals. You don't need many resources to succeed; you need resourcefulness. Resourcefulness means finding creative solutions and using your unique talents and strengths to achieve your objectives. Embracing resourcefulness will help you become more innovative and creative in your approach to problem-solving. 

4. State/ Story/ Strategy Method

At Unleash the Power Within, I learned the power of storytelling and how our stories shape our identity and beliefs. To succeed, we need to analyze the stories we tell ourselves and identify patterns hindering our growth. Changing the story we tell ourselves can change our state of mind and beliefs, leading to new and improved results. Identify the stories you tell yourself, and see how you can improve your narrative for increased results. Remember, your beliefs create your reality. 

5. Be in peak state

Being in a peak state means operating at your optimal level of performance, both physically and mentally. Tony Robbins emphasizes the importance of caring for our health and well-being and incorporating habits that improve our energy and focus. Since attending the event, I have prioritized exercise and healthy eating, significantly improving my productivity and overall mental well-being. 

6. Turn Fear Into Power

Fear is a universal human emotion that we all experience at some point in our lives. It can be paralyzing and overwhelming, and hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams. However, what sets successful people apart is not the absence of fear but instead how they manage it.

Tony Robbins is one such person who teaches how to turn fear into power. He believes that we can harness its energy to achieve great things by understanding the psychology behind fear and reframing it positively.

Robbins suggests that fear is not necessarily bad but rather a natural response to perceived danger or risk. The problem arises when we allow fear to control us, rather than using it to motivate us toward our goals.

To overcome fear, Tony Robbins recommends focusing on the potential rewards and benefits of taking action, rather than solely on the potential risks and consequences. He also encourages developing a growth mindset, in which failures and setbacks are viewed as opportunities to learn and grow, rather than as indicators of inadequacy or defeat.

Ultimately, the key to turning fear into power lies in taking action. We can build momentum, gain confidence, and ultimately overcome our fears by taking small, consistent steps toward our goals. As Robbins says, "Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear”.

7. Massive action

In addition to setting goals and having a plan, Tony Robbins stresses the significance of taking massive action. It's not enough to simply have a plan; you must take the necessary steps to implement it. This means pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and committing to taking bold, decisive actions that will move you closer to your goal. By taking massive action, you build momentum and create a sense of urgency that fuels your motivation and propels you toward success. Remember, the only way to achieve your dreams is to take action toward them, no matter how uncomfortable or challenging it may seem.

Great resources

One of my favorite podcasts by Tony Robbins is The 3 Steps to a Breakthrough”. Tony shares profound wisdom and practical strategies to help you break through barriers that have been holding you back. Another great documentary to watch is "I am not your Guru" on Netflix. He will also provide a 4-day seminar, "Unleash The Power Within" in England in July 2023.

Shoulders of giants

Last but not least, many people grow a lot without acknowledging their mentors and coaches. Instead, they pretend to have learned it all on their own. 

However, recognizing the contributions of those who have supported us is important to me. As Sir Isaac Newton once said beautifully: "I see far because I stand on the shoulders of giants". 

I am not gaining any commissions from sharing this article. I genuinely feel grateful to Tony Robbins. I know he is not perfect, and sometimes I think his style is too strong. However, I believe Tony Robbins has a big heart and truly cares. Also, I firmly believe many of his strategies and insights are worth sharing. 

May luck be on your side as you seek out opportunities that surround us. You deserve all the success that comes your way—wishing you a life filled with joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

From the heart,

Obed Abbo


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