I am very happy to interview Jeremy Roske about his thoughts on our book “From Fear to Courage: 15 Insights to Achieve Your Dreams”. Jeremy is a singer and a coach who helps people actualize their full potential and their creative genius.

When Jeremy was 16 years old, he got hit by lightning and had his first near-death experience. This initiation opened his eyes to his true potential and set him on a healing journey spanning over a period of two decades.

At the moment, Jeremy helps people overcome years of challenges with tools, practices, and 1-on-1 support with his Igniter Program.

In the interview, Jeremy sheds light on his belief that there is a gift within every challenge and writing this book gave him the time to self reflect and become more aware of his gift. Additionally, reading the book showed him how each of his other follow authors has gifts of their own and he’s amazed that people with such different backgrounds have had such similar journeys.

Jeremy goes on to add that no matter the kind of adversity you are facing if you are ready to do the heavy lifting on your road towards success, you can get there. And, sometimes all you need is a little help. With this mindset, Jeremy has inspired thousands of people with his meaningful music.

If you want to learn more about Jeremy’s experience, watch the full podcast video below.