We as purpose-driven entrepreneurs are a special breed of people. Driven by a passion to support others with our services and products, we will stop at nothing to achieve success. However, the journey to success is not always an easy one. We often face many challenges along the way, such as fears, negative thoughts, and setbacks.

This is where my interview with Robert Benninga comes in. Robert Benninga had his corporate career leading five multinational companies. Robert is known as an authority on personal and professional leadership and on building human relationships for top results. His extensive experience includes giving MindPower sessions to more than 300.000 people in 57 countries.

Personally, I have gained a lot of value from Robert's coaching. And I felt privileged to interview him last month. In this interview, you'll hear which challenges Robert encountered during his career, and more importantly, how he overcome these adversities.

We also go deeper into the beautiful advice he shares in our book "From Fear to Courage: 15 Insights to Achieve Your Dreams". You can find a free version of Robert Benninga's chapter 

Grab a notebook and a pen, sit back and relax, a
nd listen to how Robert overcame his biggest challenges and how his valuable Lessons Learned can potentially help you succeed as well.