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Jeroen Reynders

Marketing Consultant

Jeroen Reynders is a marketing consultant who helps entrepreneurs improve their marketing strategies while travelling the world.

As someone who juggles multiple things at a time, the mental stressors made it difficult for Jeroen to be content with his work. In this video, Jeroen talks about how he went from stressing out about having multiple things on his plate, to feeling a clarity of purpose and fulfilment in his projects.

Pekka J. Mattila

Co-founder, & Digital University

Pekka Mattila is one of the leading online business trainers in Finland. As the co-founder of Campwire and Digital University, Pekka has helped hundreds of purpose-driven entrepreneurs develop their meaningful businesses.

Pekka shares his experience of participating in my 6-month Accountable Gamechanger Mastermind in 2020. Pekka says that everybody was honest and shared their challenges with each other. This process allowed everybody to be vulnerable, which led to transformation and progress. Pekka also noticed that the more time and energy he invested in the process, the more he learned from the other purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

Steffi Schwarz

Data & Flow Specialist

Steffi Schwarz is a member of the Citizen Circle Community that includes more than 500 purpose-driven entrepreneurs who work remotely on their businesses while making a positive impact in the world.

As a data and flow specialist, Steffi talks about how her career helps maximize her passions and strengths. Furthermore, she plans to situate herself among like-minded people for increased knowledge, exposure and opportunities.

Linda Barron


Linda Barron is a passionate entrepreneur with multiple inspiring projects. In this video, Linda talks about feeling empowered to create a plan of action uniquely tailored to her passions, experience, interests, and abilities.

Sebastian Borch

Architect & Founder Sane Space

Sebastian Borch is a passionate architect.

Sebastian says the Clarity Workshop helped him clarify his thoughts on his business and helped him identify what he needs to do to move forward. Sebastian shares that this process also brought up some fears, but he is excited to embark on this journey!

Amanda Jane Williams

Retreat Mentor & Life Coach

By her 20th birthday, Amanda Jane had 55 fashion outlets around the world. And by her 30th birthday, she was already a millionaire. Despite all the money, success, and luxuries, she felt something was missing. In an effort toward self-discovery, she decided to spend some designated time in India and Bali, during which Amanda participated in a yoga teacher training and NLP training, as well as direct training with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay. Observing the vast benefits she has gained in her own life and studies, Amanda Jane felt compelled to share her knowledge and wisdom with others. During the past 12 years, she has helped thousands of people to improve their lives.

In this video, Amanda Jane shares her experiences regarding Obed’s Breakthrough Year Program. She says that this program helped her figure out her path to success, as well as increased her confidence that her dreams were both achievable and worthy of pursuing.

Henriette Carlsen

Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

In Henriette’s speech The Why Behind My Dream Business”, she shares how fears and anxiety were blocking her from becoming the best version of herself. And Henriette humbly shares how she has created her breakthroughs so far.

More Testimonials

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