Kate Davies

“I found the Resourceful Gamechanger Business Retreat to be an inspiring weekend where I was able to completely focus on ‘me’ to explore and clarify what my passions and dreams are and how I can find more meaning and purpose in my life. Obed lives and breathes his message and shares his passion and enthusiasm with participants by holding an insightful, relaxed and open space where he guides you through a series of questions to find the answers that comes straight from your heart. I loved sharing this experience and connecting with other participants over the weekend enjoying amazing yoga, meditation, delicious healthy food, the beautiful resort and music jamming on the beach in the evenings. I’ve come away from this weekend feeling refreshed, inspired and excited about life again! I’ve made some big life decisions, set some big plans in motion, and I’ve even been drawing every day for the last week, following a 4 year creative block! Wow, thank you Obed!”

Kate DaviesArtist

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