Evelin Chudak


“Before I met Obed, I was going through a very rough time. I was already running Modern Hippie, a popular blog in Germany. I liked my work, but I also felt something was missing. I lacked the clarity on the long-term vision for my business. At the same time, I had big health issues and my relationship was falling apart. I am very glad I joined Obed’s Coaching Program. While Obed was coaching me, I felt very supported by him and I received clarity on my vision and plan of action. In addition to that, he helped me resolve the weak parts of my personality and turn these weaknesses into strengths.

As a result, many things in my life have changed in a positive way. I am working more creatively with my blog, I am giving presentations on inspiring events and I have just completed my yoga teacher training. Overall, I feel stronger and more fulfilled. Obed, thank you for being in service.

Evelin ChudakAuthorModern Hippie

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