Henriette Carlsen

When I first met Obed in a one-on-one session I was really not sure what to expect, but I had him recommended from a special friend. I immediately felt a connection because of Obed’s openness. Joining his Breakthrough Year Programme is definitely one of my best decisions. Obed has created a safe place to work with whatever comes up and the vulnerability that Obed allows me to show along the way is so powerful. I feel inspired and uplifted from every session and in different ways. At the beginning of the program, I felt very confused, insecure and had no direction in my life. This is a process and when I allowed myself to go on a journey the magic started to happen. I feel so much more secure about where to go next and to pursue my real passion and purpose in life. I am starting to create my business and I can tell, it does not feel like a business, when it comes from your heart. I can highly recommend Obed to anyone who wants to gain clarity in their personal life, wants to build on an existing business or start creating a new business. Give yourself the gift of allowing your life to expand to a far greater purpose and passion-driven life.

Henriette CarlsenYoga teacher & life coach

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