Recording: Courage Book Summit

We’re all on a certain path in life. But are you determining its direction?

Sometimes, life can feel like it’s happening to us. We are pushed by external events, by economic developments and friends and family, by circumstances we feel we cannot control.

How do you go from worry, doubt, and fear to courage and confidence? One way is to look to others to understand how they have paved their own path.

My name is Obed Abbo, and I help people reach their full potential and achieve their business dreams. I have invited fourteen purpose-driven entrepreneurs to join me in writing the book “From Fear To Courage, 15 Insights to Achieve Your Dreams”

Following the theme of this book, my fellow authors and I have provided the Courage Book Summit. During this summit, we came together on Zoom and shared our most important strategies for resolving fears and achieving dreams. You can watch the recording below.

As you can see in the testimonials below, this summit contains powerful insights to help you move forward in a more purposeful and positive way.

The following authors have shared short speeches aimed to help you create the results you deserve:

  • John Spender: A best-selling author who has already written 28 personal development books in collaboration with 250 authors.
  • Dai Manuel: A Lifestyle Mentor & TEDx speaker who is on a mission to positively impact 1 million role models worldwide.
  • Robert Benninga: A powerful Business Coach who has already helped 300.000 people with his books, speeches, and coaching.
  • Sebastian Kuehn: A renowned author who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their meaningful businesses
  • Pekka Mattila: One of Finland’s leading business trainers who inspires entrepreneurs to work from the heart.
  • Eva Stiekema: The founder of a successful translation company and an inspiring community for entrepreneurial mothers.
  • Thomas Herold: A best-selling author who writes books on personal development and spirituality. Thomas has already sold 200.000 books.
  • Jeremy Roske: A renowned musician who will share a meaningful song for us during the summit.
  • Amanda Jane Williams: Life Coach & Retreat Mentor
  • Rick Pursell: Coach & TEDx speaker
  • Myself (Obed Abbo): A Business Coach who helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs achieve their dream businesses.

The proceeds of our book will go to charity organizations such as Stella’s Child. Timothy J. Cameron, the founder of Stella’s Child, will share how he plans to help provide education for at-risk children in Bali so that they might also achieve their dreams in life.

Testimonials Courage Book Summit

“The Courage Book Summit contains a wealth of knowledge, a moving live performance, personal stories from courageous leaders, a dance party, and enough inspiration to catapult you off your seat into the life you’ve dreamed of. This summit helps us all to see the humanness in transforming fear to courage.”

– Jeneen Gacek, entrepreneur

“Listening to the stories of many people with different backgrounds, businesses, age, and heritages made me realize that we are all in this together. We are constantly in a transition and, therefore, in a breakthrough process. Listening to the stories how of each one of them overcome their fears, stepping out of their comfort zone, was highly inspiring.”

– Katharina Zegers, Public Relations Expert

“The summit of the Courage Book was very inspirational. It covers all the aspects of the journey that people take to achieve their dreams: worrying, doubting, courage and confidence. An absolute eye-opener for me.”

– Matt Timmermans, Webdesign & Content Marketing Consultant

“I watched the Courage Book Summit recording, and I was blown away by the positive energy that came straight through on my laptop. This summit gave me some valuable starting points and insights to turn the negative into the positive, not only from a business perspective but also from a much wider point of view. I truly recommend keeping a close eye on Obed, watch the summit and buy the book. Amazing speakers are telling about their path to success. It helped me already to know my potential, and I’m sure if I follow this path, I will achieve my dreams!”

– Remon Popelier, entrepreneur


You’ll notice that there is a big difference between hearing our stories LIVE and reading the stories in our book. You can watch the recording here.

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