As we are experiencing difficult times, it can be challenging to keep growing our dream businesses. Therefore, it is powerful to be part of an inspiring community and receive support from other advanced entrepreneurs who are also working on purpose-driven businesses. 

Seize this opportunity and join my FREE Online Mastermind Session with a group of advanced entrepreneurs. By receiving feedback from purpose-driven entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and cultures, you’ll open your mind to new possibilities and expand your network. Limited spots. 


This FREE Mastermind Session takes place on Monday February 8th from 9.30am – 11am Amsterdam time.

For whom: 

Advanced entrepreneurs who are working on purpose-driven projects (minimum of 4 years of entrepreneurial experience required).

You are looking to make a breakthrough so that you can bring your dream business to new heights of success.


Free of charge. 

“I took part in Obed’s Accountable Gamechanger Mastermind with seven other great entrepreneurs from different countries. I was impressed by the depth of the conversation, and I connected with the other members on a very profound level. Obed is a wonderful Mastermind facilitator. He is a careful listener, has a keen eye on everybody’s personal needs, and he makes sure that everybody gets an equal amount of time to talk about his or her challenges. If you do one thing for your personal development this year: Take part in Obed’s mastermind group and get feedback from like-minded entrepreneurs who can help you be your best self!

Eva Stiekema
Translator, Mastermind Facilitator,
Founder New Work Moms

“Having been in individual coaching with Obed for almost a year and enjoying the progress of deep 1-1 conversation, I was curious to test out my self-development in a group dynamic during the Accountable Gamechanger Mastermind. I immediately experienced the power of sharing within a group of like-minded people with a truly open heart! Something difficult to find in current times became easily accessible in our online masterminds. Sharing and listening helped me to get clarity on my journey, and being able to support others in theirs make the experience even more enjoyable – a very powerful experience!”

Sebastian Borch
Architect & Building Biologist

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