We’re all on a certain path in life. But are you determining its direction?

Sometimes, life can feel like it’s happening to us. We are pushed by external events, by economic developments and friends and family, by circumstances we feel we cannot control.

How do you go from worry, doubt, and fear to courage and confidence? One way is to look to others to understand how they have paved their own path.

That’s the idea behind my book “From Fear to Courage: 15 Insights to Achieve Your Dreams”. Fourteen purpose-driven entrepreneurs and I share our stories of overcoming our fears and achieving our dreams. These fifteen stories are designed to serve as a sort of roadmap—or a compass if you will—to lead each reader closer to a more courageous life where dreams can manifest more easily.

Sebastian Kuehn is one of the authors. Sebastian is a renowned author who inspires and helps thousands of people to build meaningful online businesses. He is now a successful entrepreneur, blogger, and storyteller. But once, Sebastian also felt he needed more clarity and confidence.