How do you move from fear to courage and achieve your biggest dreams? Do you have a support network? What is holding you back from fulfilling your dreams?

The answer is, there is no one simple answer. It’s a process that each of us must encounter within the circumstances of our own lives. It takes drive, inspiration, and maybe a little insight from others who have blazed the trail to success.

My name is Obed Abbo and I help people reach their full potential and achieve their business dreams. I have invited fourteen purpose-driven entrepreneurs to join me in writing the book From Fear To Courage, 15 Insights to Achieve Your Dreams. It is a privilege for me to work alongside these entrepreneurs, all of whom are involved in very inspiring projects. We are going to show you how we have overcome fear to achieve our dreams in hopes that you might do the same. To realize your full potential, you must access the courage within yourself. My hope is that these 15 stories will help to serve as a sort of roadmap—or a compass if you will—to lead each reader closer to a more courageous life where dreams can manifest more easily.

In From Fear to Courage, 15 Insights to Achieve Your Dreams, learn:

  • How burnout can send you through the gateless gate where fear is left behind…
  • How a single "Yes!" can change the course of your life...
  • How changing your mindset can lead to becoming the real You…
  • How daring to fail can guide you to your best life…
  • How a private scream can reset your intention and give you the courage to move forward…


Not only will you gain great insights to achieve your biggest dreams, but all proceeds from your Amazon purchase go to non-profit organizations in Bali to help provide education for at-risk children so that they might also achieve their dreams in life.

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