On a mission to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams.

Hi, my name is Obed Abbo.

Entrepreneurialism and coaching have been part of my life since I was young. When I was 17 years old, I started a bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Management in The Netherlands. Next to attending classes at school, I built my own telemarketing team under the supervision of a financial service company. I learned how to attract, train, and manage call agents.

After completing my bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Management in 2007, I gained valuable work experience in different organizations worldwide. For example, I taught windsurfing in Italy, managed a guesthouse in Austria, and worked as a marketing officer for a music organization in Australia.

I started working as a coach for Kalff Fundraising Company in The Netherlands In 2011. When I got promoted to Senior Coach in 2012, I gained the privilege to coach both the fundraisers and the other coaches. By working as a team and showing massive support for each other, we raised millions of euros for non-profit organizations such as Greenpeace, Unicef, and Amnesty International.

During my career at Kalff, I participated in inspiring professional development courses and discovered powerful coaching tools that helped me transform my professional life. As a result, I got the clarity and confidence to start working as a Business Coach in 2014.

I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs align with their talents and dreams since 2014. Not only will this bring us more joy and fulfillment, but it will also help us overcome the world’s challenges. I believe the world needs our dreams and talents. Now more than ever.

While traveling the world, I have had the privilege to help more than 1,200 people improve their lives through online coaching programs, retreats, group workshops, and speeches. I have spoken at unique places such as the Citizen Circle ConferenceGreen SchoolBali Spirit FestivalNew Work Moms, and Wireless Life. And many clients from around the world have shared their happy testimonials for my Business Coaching Services. 

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